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About RangersFirst

Rangers First was created as a result of a series of meetings on Community Ownership and Fan Governance organised by Supporters Direct Scotland and held in The Louden Tavern, Copland Road, Glasgow. The first of these meetings took place on February 14th when a presentation on Community Ownership and the CIC model, or Community Interest Company model, was given by Richard Atkinson, a member of the Supporters Direct Council. Following an enthusiastic and unanimous acceptance of the principles of the CIC model presented by Richard on the 14th, subsequent meetings then followed on February 18th, 24th and March 3rd. The decision on proceeding with the name RangersFirst was taken at the meeting held on February 24th.

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More and more Rangers Fans are joining RF everyday here are just a few.

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Our Aims

  • To introduce Community Ownership & Fan Governance to Rangers via the Rangers First membership scheme & to continue to buy shares in the Club.
  • To put Rangers first and and make the next 140 years just as successful as our illustrious history
  • To introduce democratic one member one vote member control.
  • To bring a level of transparency, authority and consultation to the Rangers fans and give them a voice in how their club is run.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are posted to the RangersFirst website at least 24 hours after the meeting date and are provided for the convenience of all website visitors, regardless of if you are a member or not.

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Key Concepts

Scheme Structure

Scheme Structure

Further information on the final structure of our scheme will be added to this web site over the coming days. If you're looking to find out more information about the structure please read the meeting minutes.

Buying Shares

Buying Shares

As we have stated, we propose to keep buying shares on the open market to increase our holding in the Club. Because Rangers is a plc, we can continue to secure shares as, once again, Rangers First grows with your help and input.

Rangers First Roadmap

Rangers First Roadmap

Since this project is in its early stages, the project roadmap is still in development. All members who sign up will have the opportunity to offer feedback. If you want to get involved in the RangersFirst discussions visit our suggestion forum


Club1872 Life Member - Jorg Albertz

RangersFirst are delighted to announce that Jorg Albertz has officially joined RF as a life member. The working group tasked with contacting ex players and high net work individuals have made excellent progress and in the coming weeks we will be announcing some more big names joining RangersFirst.

Jorg Albertz
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